holistic animal health & therapy

  • auto biological learning (abl)

    abl is a truly powerful method to enable auto biological metabolic learning. i'm using the arm length test to understand how and where the animals organism wants to get triggered in order to activate it's self-healing powers. treatments include the stimulation of meridians or neurolymphatic points, the intake of vitamins or minerals and eventually a change in diet or lifestyle. we run a test every 4 weeks to establish a dynamic process towards longterm health and well-being.

    testing is done in person. if this may not be an option, it can be done remotely. first test chf 90. follow-up tests at chf 150 hourly rate (chf 12.50 per 5 min). travel expenses chf 0.70/km.

  • bio-resonance analysis

    stress, fears and chronic inflammation automatically lead to energetic imbalances and an increase in dysfunctional cell mechanisms.

    the healy resonance analysis device allows me to scan animals in real time . it runs through more than 120 frequency programs provided by a quantum sensor. the information can be leveraged for bio-energetical therapy. programs include schüssler salts, homeopathy, bach flowers, nutrients, chakra energy levels,

    i-ging and much more.

    testing is done remotely through the energy field.

    first test incl. personal consultation chf 90. follow up tests at chf 150 hourly rate

    (chf 12.50 per 5 minutes)

  • bio-energetical therapy

    a healy bio-energetical therapy session can help bring your animals  energy centers and cell health back into balance in order to ease chronic disease or pain, relieve stress, trauma and anxiety, improve sleep quality, circulatory systems, regeneration and ability to focus or to feel more mentally and emotionally centered using individualized frequencies and bio-resonance. frequency medicine is a non-invasive, drug-free, pain-free and surgery-free therapy about to revolutionize healing. 

    bio-resonance analysis is a precondition for this application. costs per session are charged at the hourly rate of CHF 150 (chf 12.50 per 5 minutes) starting at CHF 30

  • spiritual healing for animals

    body, mind and soul are connected and in constant exchange at all times. not only with themselves, but with their environment and even the entire universe. i connect with my spiritual guidance and act as a channel to its healing energy. this treatment is non-invasive and involves the transfer of energy through the healer to the recipient. it promotes self-healing by relaxing the animals body, releasing tensions and strengthening its immune system. no diagnoses is made.

    spiritual healing is usually done remotely. all i need is a good picture of the animal so that i can connect with it through my spiritual guidance. cost: chf 30 / session

  • dynamic dream journey

    a dynamic dream journey is a truly magical journey into the deepest subconscious of the animal. the subconscious knows all about it's life, past, present and future and it communicates through the language of symbolism. different aspects of the animals Health, well-being, soul or environment can be explored.  By systematically re-programming the subconscious, physical, emotional or mental problems can be positively influenced or eliminated so that healing takes place. 

    this is a remote treatment. all i need is a good picture of the animal. you will receive a detailed written protocol which we will discuss together. cost: chf 150 / session