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Hi, I am an internationally operating professional coach and holistic animal health practicioner with longterm experience and the very first German-speaking Certified Interspecies Translator at the Language of Miracles Institute by Amelia Kinkade, bestselling book author and known as the most celebrated animal communicator in the world. 

Over the past few years, I have done a lot of education and research on holistic animal health. I have completed an in-depth training in Metabolic Learning for animals and am continuing to further educate my self in the trust technique, on bio resonance, energy medicine, frequency therapy and holographic healing for animals.

I'm also a certified Eponaquest and Medicine Horse Way instructor for connection focused therapy and equine facilitated coaching/empowerment by Linda Kohanov and Dr. Rebecca Bailey and do spend a considerable amount of my time in continuous practice, workshops and further education.

Eye opening experience

When I first read an article about Amelia Kinkade a few years back, I had an eye opening experience. Through interspecies conversation, she was able to deliver so much stunning evidence about somebody´s cat, that I was absolutely blown away and immediately went to get her books "Straight from the Horse's mouth"and "Language of Miracles", also known as THE standard works for substantial, well-founded animal communication. 

A few months later, I sat in my first workshop with Amelia Kinkade in Switzerland and learned how to exchange information with the animal kingdom myself. Be it a dog or a cat, a snake or a cow, a horse or an elephant, a goat or an ant - the ability to hear their voices and to feel their emotions has changed my life completely and filled it up with an infinite amount of JOY and happiness.

A magical world

Galupa is my spiritual name. It means "magic" to me, and it goes without saying that Galupasworld therefore is sort of my magical world.

Every new customer at Galupasworld makes me incredibly happy! The fact that people are interested in their animals' personalities, sensitivities and feelings reveals that they are in fact acknowledging and respecting them, which, unfortunately, is still not the standard across the planet.


When I first travelled to Africa with Amelia Kinkade in 2013, people and animals were (and still are more than ever) mercilessly fighting for resources and territories all over the place. We met a small group of completely exhausted elephants, whose matriarch had been brutally killed by farmers, because she had been eating from an old mango tree, which the farmers claimed to be theirs. "The farmers didn't need the mangos in order to survive", complained the elephants towards us, "but WE did!" They weren't telling lies. On our way back to camp, we saw the farmers' children selling mangos on the roadside. They were not hungry. They were just aiming to make money with the fruits.

As long as we will not naturally grant better rights to animals as a matter of course, I will be devoting my life being their ambassador, helping to create awareness, specifically for THEIR point of view. Not only in Africa, but on farms in our own countries, in our own forests and in our own homes. It fills me with the utmost gratitude to be able to experience again and again, how much wisdom and unconditional love they are willing to share and what an honor and privilege it is for us two-legged animals, to co-exist alongside them.

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