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Updated: May 1, 2023

Human beings are the only species which relies almost entirely on the spoken word when communicating. The fact that other beings aren't doing the same, doesn't mean that they aren't able to communicate.

In fact, they are just doing it in a different way.

Animals for instance are thinking in pictures at all times, and they're feeling emotions at all time. They are constantly sending this information into the world around them. It's no different than what we are doing. The only difference is, that we describe the pictures that we are holding in our minds, and turn them into language.

So, if you were to eliminate that language, and start describing the image you're picking up, and the feelings that you are getting from other beings, then, all of a sudden, you'd gain this ability to understand them and communicate with them!

Imagine yourself sitting in a room with a radio device. If you turn the radio on, you can hear music. The music becomes audible for you, because the radio converts waves into sound. If you turn the radio off, you will hear nothing, but silence. However, the waves are still there, just not picked up.

Now, if you were to talk to an animal, it's just the same principle: the information is already there. But in order to get access to it, you have to learn and practice to function as a radio.

Children are naturally much better at that. Their perception is not yet deluded and controlled by their mind. They are still "open" to sense and to sense more than just words. As grown ups, however, we are tuned much more into sending than receiving. We loose our natural ability to "listen" to other beings with ALL senses and end up being so busy and noisy in our daily life, that we don't even discern those subtle waves around us anymore.

So much about the bad news.

The good news is: Absolutely everybody can reverse that and learn how to communicate with animals! The success rate depends on how quiet you can get your mind and how good you are at silencing your own emotions. And that's not a matter of privilege, but practice and consistence.

Once you're there, just send out a HUGE beam of love from you to any animal you wish to connect with, and be prepared to be amazed!

Now if you're thinking that I am talking nothing but complete nonsense, let me explain to you: Everything we've been through so far is scientifically proven.

Quantum physicists have completely reversed what we have been taught in school for decades by discovering and proofing the following:

What we perceive of our physical material world - whether it's our human body, a table, a stone, a house, a piece of clothing or a glass of water - is really not physical or material at all. In fact, matter is nothing but an illusion and the Universe is made out of energy, or more precisely vortices of energy that are constantly spinning and vibrating, each one radiating its very own unique energy signature.

In her latest bestseller "Whispers from the Wild", renowned animal communicator Amelia Kinkade, a longtime protege of Apollo astronaut and scientist Dr. Edgar Mitchell, writes: "It's a sparkling ocean of electromagnetic energy that contains everything in our universe. It includes every living being and the history of every being... this sea of electromagnetic space occupies the space between the stars, the empty space between our cells, and even the space between the nuclei and electrons in your atoms. Matter itself is almost completely insubstantial. It's made of 99 precent empty space. Now, instead of seeing the absence of matter as a vacuum, envision that this void, along with the rest of creation, is electric, vibrating, and alive. And not only that, but this ocean is logging information into a gigantic library of "records" as we move along through our history."

Anybody can access this library through Resogenesis, which means: vibrating on the same frequency as the object you want to exchange information with. So, back to our radio analogy: When you are achieving resogenesis, your are becoming a radio, and transmissions from the animals are a radio program you're listening in on.

"In order to create resonance you must have an icon", said Dr. Mitchell, who had been one of the most eminent researchers on this field. In animal communication the icon is often a photograph, which helps building the connection, also called "a bridge of unconditional love", based on which resonance can happen. "The more in tune, the more complete the information", said Dr. Mitchell.

Once you've established that connection, you might get the answer to your question as a flash of lightning. It's often there, before you have even finished asking your question. You might also hear words, see pictures, feel pain and emotions or see a little video clip in front of your third eye. The more you can get yourself "out of the way", the more in tune you will be.

And the more you practice, the better you will become.

If you are interested in learning more about animal communication and how to practice it, you might want to check out the following books:

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